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October 22, 2008


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No surprises on that one you Wild Cat!


Wow! It's scary how many things we have in common! I did the same test and I have yet to post it on my blog. I am a WILD CAT too.. with a LOT of the details the same. :) Enjoy your weekend with Logan! I'll be headed to work today, Saturday, all day, Izzy wants to come.. she's so excited, she already packed her bag! Hubby works this weekend.. so it's a bit on the lonely side.. but I like hanging with the kids.. so last night I turned on Halloween 2,3,3,5.. I said to my kids, "sit down, this is going to be fun... oh don't cover your eyes.. mommy used to watch this stuff when she was like 6, now sit down and let's turn off all the lights!" uh huh, 5 minutes into it.. they were all like "let's watch something else" Ugh, kids, ruin all the fun :) ha ha! I was teaching them one of my many life's lessons.. "These movies aren't scary.. they're dumb! now Stephen Speilberg made some good ones!"

Enjoy girl! So.. I want to go back to the Mac Counter.. next week!!! I want more! Go figure right! IF you click on a shadow on their website, it will tell you what that item is normally purchased with, that matches it I guess.. so now I want to match all my stuff! Off to put on more blue!!!

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