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February 04, 2009


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Logan Newby

I really enjoyed reading the 25 things about you, it just confirmed that I know you ;)
And you are right I am a hunk of a man.

Jessica Newby

Good to see you blogging again! I am terrible too. I enjoyed the 25 as well!


HOly crap.. BACK FROM THE DEAD..! My computer doesn't know what to do with itself.
Glad to read up on you.. you bed hog! And i *heart* Erica's Behind!

PS.. have you heard Christian Bales latest rant.. ? I heart Christian Bale now.. :)

dulce Rodgers

AWWWW!!! that awesome to know your backkkk;) So I think that cool your hubby comments on your blog;) And your girl are pretty CUTE!!! Sorry it took me so long to comment;)

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